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Cake Pricing October 29, 2007

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Cake pricing is quite specific to each individual cake.  Once we’ve had a chance to discuss what you are looking for, I will come up with an estimate for the total cost of the cake.  The cake cost also includes the cost of delivery. 

 Here are some general cost guidelines:

1.  Cakes will cost a minimum of $50.

2.  Wedding cakes are usually priced at a cost per person.  My general range is $4-$6 per person.  Cakes will cost more if they include details like fondant icing, sugar flowers, or extensive decoration.  The flavors of the cakes do not affect pricing.

3.  Party cakes will generally cost between $50-$100.  Again, cost depends on design as well as supplies needed for the cake. 

4.  Cheesecakes are priced at $30 per cake.

5.  Once a cake cost is determined, half of the total cost must be paid before the cake is started.  The other half of the money is due at the time of delivery.


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