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Cake Flavors October 29, 2007

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While it is always fun to see a beautiful cake, it should taste good too!  I make a variety of flavors of cakes, fillings, and buttercreams, and it is also possible to mix and match different flavors on one cake, as long as it has more than one tier.  Here are some of my most popular flavors:


1.  devil’s food

2.  vanilla pound cake

3.  carrot cake

4.  red velvet


1.  chocolate fudge

2.  raspberry, apricot, strawberry jam

3.  lemon curd


1.  vanilla

2.  chocolate ganache

3.  cream cheese

4.  mocha

I’m also well known for my cheesecakes.  A 9″ round cheesecake will serve 12-16 people and can be made in a variety of flavors.  Some of my most popular flavors are:

1.  chocolate

2.  chocolate lime

3.  sour cream

4.  banana nut

5.  pumpkin spice

6.  cappuccino


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